Let’s Start To # Giveback!

All better days start with a person, deciding that that moment would be different from the rest, and in this day and age, we need all the better days we can get. A plethora of injustices and limitations continue to plague society, and one would have to be delusional to deny the impending reality of it.

Thankfully, the city of Pico Rivera has risen to the occasion to do their part in relieving the burdens unjustly imposed on the homeless citizens of Southern California. El Rancho High School’s AVID program, as well as various adult AVID representatives, initiated a large-scale food drive for the vagrants that linger on the Skidrow area of Los Angeles. Before they could go over to help though, they would need nearly a hundred or so lunches: that’s where the AP HuG students came in.

Mr. Rojo offered some final extra credit points to those of his students that donated food items like bread, jam, peanut butter, baggies, etc., and additional points for those who  volunteered to help assemble the lunches –the AVID kids would certainly need the help!

This was a win-win opportunity for me, because as it so happens, my grade in AP HuG certainly needs improvement, but more importantly, I dearly love the feeling of interacting with and helping all walks of life in the community. Thus, I brought a loaf of bread and a pack of plastic sandwich baggies that would be used for the sandwiches, earning me 40 points! Early Saturday morning, on the 28th of May, a great majority of the students woke to go to the school cafeteria and help the AVID kids make PB&Js for the homeless, and I was one of them.

At the cafeteria, we either grabbed jars of jelly or jam and peanut butter, or ham and cheese along with a loaf of bread to assemble sandwiches, while some other students placed the sandwiches in baggies and/or wrote happy messages on the brown paper sacks.

I chose to make PB&Js and helped here and there with whatever else they needed, so that I could share my infinite knowledge of the differences between jam, jelly and preserves –jelly is filtered fruit juice with lots of artificial preservatives, jam has smoothed out fruit chunks in it and is more “whole”, and preserves have a chunky, thick consistency due to the nearly whole chunks of berries/fruit suspended in a jelly.

I would have to say, this was definitely a fun experience, getting to make a ton of sandwiches like a pro with friends who appreciate a knowledge on fruit-based spreads, all for the benefit of people in need. Unfortunately for me, my schedule was already full that day, and I was not able to get the permission slip to go help hand out food at Skidrow. However I do believe that each student at the event, whether AP HuG or AVID, made some sort of difference; some sort of action that contributed to a universally desired “better day”.

You should see what you can do for your community, whether it is small-scale or nation-wide! In the meantime, enjoy some shots from the Feed the Homeless Event ↓


  • Shown above are all the supplies donated for this event, just before we started our sandwich-making endevour. I’d say that is quite a bit!



  • Here is one of the grand assembly-lines of students being instructed by one of the event coordinators


  • Here is the beginning of a (second) very promising pile of PB&Js that I made with preserves


  • Some proud representatives of El Rancho’s 2016 AP HuG class about to serve the community not just jam, jelly, and preserves, but kindness and justice as well…

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